When important to create
Contemporary art object

Project description

Completion time:
Planned – 3 months
Actual – 6 months

In the course of work, we offered the customer a number of innovations that were successfully integrated into the device.
As a result of the work, the customer received technical documentation and 3 finished devices.

STELLA is designed to create a pleasant audio-visual atmosphere, depending on the environment. Thanks to the built-in video cameras, STELLA determines the location of people, scans their gestures and creates a light-musical composition depending on the person's behavior.

STELLA became part of the permanent exhibition in the new Soyuzmultfilm pavilion at VDNKh in 2020.

The project was implemented in collaboration with media artist and composer Taras Mashtalir.


  • Audio system - Bose SoundLink Mini II Triple Black
  • Video Matrix - FULL HD camera adapted for night shooting (3 pcs.)
  • Processor - Intel Core i3 7100U
  • RAM – 16 GB DDR4
  • Internal memory - SSD 240 GB
  • Operating system – Windows
  • Interface – Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • Number of LEDs - 720 pcs.
  • The radius of the search area for a person - 2 m
  • Dimensions - 550*550*2200 mm*mm*mm
  • Weight - no more than 12 kg
  • Power supply from the 220V network