When important to create
Foldable and compact hybrid catamaran

Project description

Completion time:
Planned – 3 months
Actual – 3 months

As a result of the work, the customer received technical documentation, a prototype and recommendations for mass production.

According to the customer's idea, two types of drive were developed:

  • Electrodrive
  • Pedal drive

Thanks to our solutions, the weight of the catamaran was less than 30 kg. Whereas beach catamarans usually weigh 100+ kg.

We provided for the possibility of the device transportation in the trunk of a car, for which a set of mechanisms was developed that allows the device to be folded compactly in just 15 minutes.

Field tests were carried out jointly with the customer. In conclusion, a complete package of documentation was prepared, which allows you to start production at domestic or foreign sites.

The result can be viewed on the partner's page: https://a-bark.com/


  • Weight - no more than 30 kg
  • Deployment time ~ 15 min
  • Number of seats - 1
  • Permissible load - up to 130 kg
  • Type of balloons - inflatable
  • Electric traction speed - up to 6 km/h
  • Pedal traction speed - up to 8 km/h
  • Battery life - up to 2 hours